Picture-Magic's web gallery is dedicated to the appreciation, preservation, and cultivation of the soul and spirit of New Orleans. Like nowhere else on earth, New Orleans allows people to discover their true selves.

In New Orleans, tired and antiquated notions of how people "should" act, dress, and dance are suspended. Those who live here and those who visit are able to experience the joy that comes from "showing off" the magic and beauty that exists within themselves.

This is a photographic archive composed by Jeremy Don Kerr, Ph.D.

My deepest gratitude goes out to my mother Sharon Moore, my father Thomas Kerr, my step-father Paul Moore, my sister Tamberly Kerr, and my grandparents J.C. and Marie Young for all the years of support and encouragement they have given me in the pursuit of my dreams.

My dearest thanks goes out to Anne Teachworth C.G.T., Mackie J.V. Blanton, Ph.D., Ella Campbell, C.D.A., Sara Durham, M.A., and David Fleitas, M.A., Patrick Mooney, Ph.D. and Pamela Wilcox, Ph.D. for helping me achieve my dream of earning a doctoral degree in Criminology at the University of Kentucky and for helping me navigate through seven years of college teaching at the University of Kentucky, Prestonsburg Community College, Georgetown College, and Eastern Kentucky University.

I am forever indebted to Lori Laidella for helping me discover the magic of New Orleans and for helping me put down new roots here after The Great Interruption wrought by Katrina.

Additional and heartfelt thanks goes out to Jessica Elizabeth Revell, Sara Brooke Durham, Eric and Dana Fasske, Andre and Meg Bouvier, Carey B, Helen Cox, Al Monaco, Stephen Shepard, Jersey, and countless other blessed souls who have encouraged me to make real the life in New Orleans I have imagined since my first visit here at the ripe young age of 16.


Jeremy Don Kerr, Ph.D.